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I think it's a very tempting idea to interview puplic people, I am going to try it. I will share my experience with you after.Thank you.

Irina Patterson


Go for it. I will give you further guidance. As I am doing myself what I preach. My conviction that this is the right strategy comes from my personal experience. You can read my interviews with angel investors here: http://www.sramanamitra.com/2010/05/19/irina-patterson/

Regina Stevenson

I am a current student at UIC and I am majoring in Finance minor in Economics and getting a certification in entrepreneurship. I know it sounds like a really good line-up. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love my school for its diversity and excellent teachers but the only thing I feel that makes my experience incomplet is the fact I'm being taught to be a worker instead of an innovator, pioneer, owner, giver, and my list goes one. I read that most of the success companies that become million dollar corporates started as an idea inside of a dorm room or in the school cafeteria. And after I read your article I was really touched because your mission is number 5 on my long-term goal list. I would love to keep in contact with you to pick your brain and maybe become one of your success store. Please don't hesitate to contact me no matter what time. Believe it or no my best comes out of me after midnight.

Irina Patterson


I encourage you to start here, by attending 1M/1M online Free Strategy Roundtables every Thursday, at 11 am EST, ask questions, start learning entrepreneurship: http://1m1m.sramanamitra.com/free-public-roundtables/

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