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my husband and i are proud owners of a hot dog cart here in panama city beach, fl and let me tell you business is not that good here. there are rules that make no sense but we do have a strong customer appreciation at the local bar that we frequent every weekend. recently we have expanded our items from hotdogs to pulled pork, pretzels and chili dogs. granted their not gourmet but we work for ourselves.

Irina Patterson

Good for you, Chante!

Please feel free to follow the links in this story. It tells you what other street vendors do in other cities to be more successful.

Also, you might want to start a meet-up group for vendors like yourself, where you can help each other to solve the issues together (such as the rules that don't make any sense)

Also, you might look for local organizations that consult small businesses, such as SCORE and others.

Come back here later and tell us more how you are doing..

E. Sims

My father and I have gone through steps to be food vendors and hit a wall of confusing legislation. We are eager and have a good product (so we're told) but there are no clear explanations of how to get started. Other counties in FL promote food vendors, but miami-dade does not for some reason. It would be helpful if there were steps in order to get started legally instead of just getting out there and avoiding complaints and the code officer.

Irina Patterson

E. Sims,

You are absolutely right. You shouldn't just get out there, you need to do everything legally. If you want, state here what were the issues and together we'll try to solve them one by one.

It is true that street vending is prohibited in some locations in Miami.

City of Miami page puts it this way:

Do I need a Business Tax Receipt for street vending?

Yes, It shall be unlawful to sell, or offer for sale, any food, beverage, service or merchandise on any street, alley, sidewalk, or public park within the City of Miami from any wagon, truck, auto, push cart, vehicle or by any other means upon the streets, sidewalks, or alleys of the City until the proper business tax receipt has been issued by the Department of Finance. Street vending is prohibited within certain locations and there are restrictions within the special vending districts.

But that is what successful entrepreneurs do, they overcome obstacles. So, let's list the obstacles down below and we'll start overcoming them one by one. Happy New Year! -- Irina


This is something that I have fantasized about doing for decades and now I'm seriously ready to take the leap. The twitter and facebook posting is interesting. Thank you for this article!!!

Irina Patterson

Go for it, Diane.

And if you have any questions, come and ask them here. Where are you based?


I have been trying to do it in Broward county and Im lost....Could somebody gime a hand with regulations up here in broward?

Irina Patterson


It would be great if you do the research for Broward and come back here and share with us what you found out.

I give you one pointer. Contact Felecia at FEVERISH ICE CREAM, since they work from Palm Beach County to Key Biscayne, they might know where to start looking: call 305-482-1832 or go to http://feverishicecream.com and email Felecia.

Be really nice, ask for help. If Felecia can't help, ask her where you might get help with your question, since Felecia have been doing it for a while, she might know. Then come back and tell us here what happened, OK?

Negosyo franchise

Food carts are so hip right now! And Portland seems the perfect place for them but eventually here in my place also click to have a food cart business.


Judith Gaston

Food stalls along the streets do not fade when it comes to business trends. Year after year, there are new varieties of dishes and snacks which are sold on the streets. Convenience and homemade taste are also some the reasons why food stalls are still in the business game.


Too bad there werent vending machines out there with food that good

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