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Debra Cortese

I'm hearing the "do what you love" business model more and more often and admire Anya Ponorovskaya for following it and especially for allowing the organic growth of her beautiful lines of women's clothing and accessories. I'm inspired when I read interviews like this. Thank you Irina Patterson for your work and Anya for sharing your story.

freelance writing jobs

Smart answers and interesting questions. I liked the idea of taking one step at a time. Sometimes we are too busy and as a result do nothing

Werner Ladders

I love Anya Ponorovskaya.

Cameron Scott

It's inspiring how she started her own business. She was very patient, owning and selling just one dress at a time. She did not hurry to bring her business to the top, but instead she continued to learn and took challenges for herself to create beautiful designs. She's one awesome entrepreneur. Go girl!

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