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julie shen

I'd like to start my own business. I know what I want to do and it's not going anywhere. Maybe some strategies from your organization would help. Thank you.

Irina Patterson

Yes, Julie. Why don't you start here, at the Strategy Roundtables Any Thursday, at 11am EST, Listen how other people pitch their businesses and get feedback on their strategy, then prepare your own pitch, pitch it to Sramana for feedback on your idea and that, I am sure, will help you to get going!


Excellent Project. Keep it up Irina.

irina patterson

Thank you, Deepak. I wish more people feel like you.
I see you are in India. If you didn't have a chance to read Sramana Mitra's book Vision India 2020, give it a try. I am reading it now. It blows my mind. Will review it here in a few days.


Hello Irina, I agree with Deepak. I have just started my own company with a brand new product on the market but I could use some advise/help.

Irina Patterson


Start attending our 1M1M strategy roundtables: See you there. -- Regards -- Irina

mike khoury

I would like your opinion on this new product launch.
I bought a dot com to post my business information on instead of send files.
Please look at the information, espically Part 2.
Thank You

Charlie McClaskie

Irina- This all sounds very interesting. I recently started a tech recruitment firm that focuses on placing professionals within the Open Source community. I'm independent, and I have worked with many small startups helping them to find the talent that they need to get thier organizations moving.


Irina Patterson


You are welcome to attend the free strategy roundtables and learn more: You can also ask me questions here. -- Regards -- Irina

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